“日本の伝統文化や歴史を尊び 作品にふれたひとの心を豊かに”
当社は日本の美をジュエリーや雑貨を通して 新しい道筋を持って、日本の魅力を発信する作品を製造しております。

世界最古の国「日本」 その歴史は2000年以上続くといわれていて現存する国の中で最古の歴史を持つ国です。


伝統工芸をインテリア雑貨に落とし込み、香りを組み合わせるなどし 新しい魅力を引き出す作品の製造などを行なっております。


“We honor Japan’s traditional culture and history,enriching the hearts of those who experience our creations.”
Through our jewelry and commodities, we at our company produce works that convey the beauty of Japan, offering a new perspective.

Japan, the world’s oldest country, is said to have a history that spans over 2000 years, making it the country with the oldest history among current nations.Historical structures, nature, and techniques and designs that have been passed down for centuries have not deteriorated even to this day,continuing to be loved and captivating people all over the world.

We incorporate traditional techniques such as “SUKASHI work” and traditional patterns that have been cherished for many years into our basic line of designs. We collaborate with traditional craft artisans from different regions, such as the ” Kiriko” of Tokyo and the “Tsugaru-nuri” of Aomori, to express the charm of tradition in our jewelry. We also manufacture products that incorporate traditional crafts into interior accessories, combining scents to bring out new allure.
In addition, we offer custom-made jewelry, repair, and remodeling services with skilled artisans domestically who possess high-level techniques.

All manufacturing is completed in Japan. All manufacturing is completed in Japan with the reliable skills of each craftsman.
We produce works of art that enrich and enliven the lives of those who hold them in their hands.As a company that weaves history and culture ZENOARKS will continue to transmit a variety of goods and things.


会社名 株式会社ZENO ARKS
代表者 代表取締役 多田真也
所在地 東京都江東区大島3-31-7
代表電話 03-3682-1921/090-1406-5604
E-mail info@zenoarks.com