桜リング / SAKURA Ring


The cherry blossom ring crafted using the filigree technique is one of the captivating jewelry collections of Kaname, a jewelry brand. This cherry blossom ring combines unique design with the beauty of traditional Japanese patterns.


Flower symbolizing Japan


Cherry blossoms are the symbolic flower of Japan, a beautiful flower that symbolizes the arrival of spring and new beginnings. There are many varieties of cherry blossoms, from single to double blossoms, and their


Design using traditional techniques


The cherry blossom design portion of the piece utilizes the openwork technique to express the beauty of cherry blossom petals. By using a thread saw to carve delicate patterns into the metal, a light and elegant design is achieved, expressing the petals of cherry blossoms dancing in the wind and the fragility and beauty of cherry blossoms.


An indispensable symbol of Japanese culture


The association with Japanese culture is an essential element for Kaname’s cherry blossom rings. Cherry blossoms are deeply rooted in the lives and sentiments of the Japanese people, as they are familiar with the four seasons and customs of Japan. It is an indispensable flower for the graduation and entrance ceremony seasons and a representative motif associated with “meeting” and “parting. Cherry blossom viewing and flower festivals are an important part of Japanese culture, and the appreciation of cherry blossoms is widely practiced among the Japanese people. Kaname’s cherry blossom rings have become more popular and play a role in conveying the Japanese sense of beauty and tradition to the rest of the world.


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